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Anna Coyle, one of the women who helped us out with getting Buddha neutered and has given us lots of advice, works with a charity named Dewey Animals. I received an e-mail from her today, which I will post here.

Hi all,

It's me again with another request for your hard earned dollars. This time for a cat.
Little Man (DSH bry&wht neutered male) came to me yesterday afternoon with horrendous wounds on his body and neck and at that time on a Sunday there is only one place to take a cat - Deepwood Animal Hospital.

They have rebuilt his neck and he will be coming home to me tonight. He has two catheters that are still draining and will need a sterile environment for several days until they are removed. He will also be on daily medication and will need cleaning regularly so I guess it's into my office he'll have to go.

In the meantime Dewey Animals has a bill of $1700 to pay and we simply do not have this money to spare. It will wipe out our limited funds (including our two recent fundraisers) and is the equivalant of having 68 feral cats spayed/neutered. By the same token we cannot turn away an animal in need of medical help. Little Man is semi-feral but a sweet boy and in a lot of pain.
This is the time of year when fundraising goes into overdrive so I know you have all had the same seven or eight calls for pledges that I have had. The Salvation Army will be out and about soon as will the collection cans for many worthy causes so I DO understand. If you can find room in your budget this year Dewey Animals would greatly appreciate your particular help for this cat. Please send what you can to Dewey Animals Inc., PO BOX 245, Centreville, VA 20122-0245.

Many thanks,

Anna Coyle
Dewey Animals, Inc.

Anna is constantly running around, helping feral cats, and she's helped us out a lot with Buddha, so I'm going to send Dewey Animals something. But they also have a program called "" You sign up with, then shop at the online merchants they have arrangements with, and the merchants donate a specific portion of your purchases to the charity you choose. Since I've been doing more online shopping lately, I signed up. A worthy cause benefiting from my shopping? Cool.


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