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About this time each year, we start looking at transportation to DragonCon in Atlanta, GA on Labor Day weekend. Usually, we fly. One time we did drive in the Outback (4 of us), but it took us 16 hours to get to Atlanta and something like 12 hours to drive back. South Carolina was down to one lane of traffic each way, and there were thunderstorms in North Carolina. Oh, and traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.

Which is why we've flown the rest of the time. Flying has some disadvantages too, like the seat sizes. When two people in your party are over 6'2'' tall, coach seats don't always go over well. Oh, how we wish Jet Blue had a route between Dulles and Atlanta. The flight itself is less than 2 hours, though.

Flying is about $283 per person, but it's fast, so fast that you can fly in on Thursday and fly out on Monday. After the last time we drove, we swore that if we ever drove again, we would rent a minivan. So driving would have the cost of renting the minivan, the gas, the extra hotel night (because we couldn't drive back until Tuesday), and just the wear and tear on us from driving on a long trip, not to mention on Labor Day weekend. And if we parked the car at the hotel, we would also have the $20/day parking fee (which may have gone up by now). Either that, or we drive to the airport, turn in the car, get to the hotel somehow, then go back to the airport and rent another car for the drive back.

I'm still leaning toward flying. [ profile] the_gneech just doesn't have that much vacation time, and taking another day off would just eat up more of what he doesn't have.


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