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"There has been one hell of a lot of rumours regarding a Good Omens adaptation over the past few weeks, mostly started by me at the SFX Weekender. So, ladies and gentleman, I can hereby exclusively reveal that - YES - Neil and myself have shaken hands and received groats from Rod Brown sealing a TV deal. An official announcement from Prime Focus will follow in a couple of weeks time. However, I can reveal right now that Terry Jones (yes, the Python) and Gavin Scott (not a Python, but he gets it) are already on the job. It's been a long time coming, but it's looking good."

--Terry Pratchett
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I'm posting this mostly to check it out when I have more time, but it might be of interest to others as well.;txt

It's an account, week by week, of this family's cutting of the cable TV cord and just using over the air and internet TV.
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A few years ago, [ profile] the_gneech bought me for Christmas a VHS/DVD player/burner so I could transfer our VHS tapes to DVD. Well, it seems not to function very well anymore.

Couple with this the fact that TV signals are switching to digital in February, I've been doing some research (uh-oh).

I'm trying to find out if it's possible and how much it would cost to rig my computer as a DVR (and possibly hook up the VHS for transferring), HDTV receiver, and how much it would cost to do it. I've got a 22" widescreen monitor that is HD signal capable. I've seen many options. What got me thinking about all this is I really don't want to go out and spend 4 digits on a TV that's not even going to last as long as our still-functional analog set. And the fact that I've already got a DVD burner on the computer and a decent-sized monitor capable of processing digital signals...kinda makes me question why I would want to.

Any thoughts?
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Granted, this is only one article. I know LCDs are cheaper in the smaller sizes, but my hesitations have always been the "washed out" look of LCDs because they don't have the levels of black that a plasma set has and the fact that LCDs can't really be viewed from an angle. I don't know if these new LCDs or the OLEDs are going to fix either of those problems.


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