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Sonny: "Who's calling these plays again?"

(after Philadelphia just scored another touchdown, and one week after Jim Zorn had been stripped of his play-calling privileges)
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My brother sent me this link from somewhere in Sweden. They installed "piano stairs" to encourage people to take the stairs for exercise.
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From J. Elvis Weinstein (MST/Cinematic Titanic writer/performer) on Twitter:

Do celebrity dog deaths come in groups of 21?


Feb. 27th, 2009 05:43 am
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Cops: Late passenger claims to be air marshal
Man later arrested in airport bar after complaining about missing flight
The Associated Press
updated 5:25 a.m. ET, Fri., Feb. 27, 2009

MIAMI - A man running late for a flight flashed a fake police badge to airline workers and claimed to be an air marshal so they would let him through the gate, authorities say.

Miami-Dade police said a 49-year-old man was booked on a flight to Los Angeles Wednesday night, but the gate had already closed and the plane was departing.

After he showed the fake badge and claimed to be an air marshal, employees stopped the plane and let him board.

But real air marshals already on the plane recognized his fake badge and kicked him off.

Not content with avoiding arrest, police said the man went to an airport bar and began loudly complaining about missing his flight. That's when airport police arrested him.

The man was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer.

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Oh yes, I want a subscription to Crappie World magazine! The magazine for pessimists!

(In real life, it's a fishing magazine.)
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Looking at IMDB this afternoon, I see that the Fahrenheit 451 remake has been pushed back to 2010. I consider the Francois Truffaut 1966 original film to be a classic. If you're going to make another version, it had better be good.

I clicked on the trivia link, and I see this:

"Mel Gibson was planning to direct this remake, with Tom Cruise in the lead role, but schedules did not allow it."

The following exchange was prompted in AIM.

Lythandra (2:51:42 PM): Yeah, let's remake a Francois Truffaut movie and have it be directed by Mel Gibson and starring Tom Cruise.

Bend down here so I can set your hair on fire.

gneech (2:51:58 PM): I wonder what temperate hair burns at...
L (2:52:06 PM): Laughing emoticon
g (2:52:19 PM): "Fahrenheit 12."
L (2:52:26 PM): You made my ROFL
g (2:52:42 PM): If there was an aisle, you'd be rolling in it?
L (2:52:53 PM): Yes
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JOB SUMMARY: This position is located in the Rare Books & Special Collections Department, Smithsonian Institution Libraries. The Head, Special Collections Department promotes knowledge about and use of rare books and other specialized collections of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries by developing and managing collections, displaying them to the public and making them available world-wide through the Internet.

Uses expertise in Early Modern History and the history of science and technology to provide comprehensive reference and research services to individuals and groups. Many of these texts date from the 15th through the 19th centuries with numerous examples in Latin and other classical languages, French or German.

Quality Ranking Factors: (Among those who meet the qualification requirements, these factors will be used to determine who are the highest qualified candidates. On a separate sheet of paper, submit a paragraph describing specific experience, education, or training for each of the factors listed .)
1. Knowledge of the theories, principles, practices, and techniques of librarianship and an expert knowledge of these as they relate to the history of books and printing, rare books and special collections.
2. Knowledge of Early Modern, Renaissance History or history of science.
3. Ability to read French, German or Latin.
4. Ability, as demonstrated by experience, to supervise, lead and motivate a diverse staff.
5. Ability to cultivate and work with donors.
6. Knowledge of basic principles of exhibition and of safe methods of exhibition relevant to rare books and other fragile materials.
7. Skill in oral communication to promote library services and discuss strategies, project needs and requirements with a wide variety of library users, donors, special interest groups, committees, etc.
8. Skill in written communication such as preparing scholarly articles, reports, brochures, reference correspondence, bibliographies, etc.

It sounds like the perfect job for a character like Indiana Jones OR a character from a Lovecraftian story, depending on how you want to spin it.

"Position available immediately after mysterious disappearance of previous supervisory librarian."


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