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At my on-site assignment, I'm finally getting into the meat of the work: putting sites into the Microsoft Content Management System (CMS) 2002. Boy, does it suck. Inserting graphics or internal links, you have to use the tool's WYSIWYG web interface. That usually places the graphic where you don't want it. So you go into "HTML mode." There is no color-coding of the code. It's not even formatted for human readability. It's just a bunch of blue letters, smashed all together. And it doesn't matter where your cursor was in the WYSIWYG web interface. When you go into HTML mode, it's back at the top!

And once you find the img tag, you copy it to try to move it to where it's supposed to be in the code. However, if you use any method besides the shift and arrow keys to select the tag, you randomly get parts of the tags that are next to the tag you're trying to select. Then, if you need to apply styling, you have to do that in HTML mode too (and watch the CMS mangle your code).

Does anyone have any expertise with this issue of inserting "resource files?" And I don't have any choice in whether we use this particular CMS. Believe me, if it were up to me, I wouldn't have touched the thing. If I'm unable to come up with a way to speed up the graphic insertion process, this is going to take me the rest of the calendar year. I'm not exaggerating. Six sites have to go into this thing. It took me all afternoon just to insert graphics for three newsletters. Then it lost the graphics from the last one.


Mar. 7th, 2007 04:21 pm
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Anybody know of a good JavaScript debugger?

I'm trying to write a small JavaScript script to check off a certain checkbox when a different checkbox is checked (and uncheck if the first one is unchecked). The page is generated dynamically from database data, so I don't necessarily know the IDs of the checkboxes, which is my problem.
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Okay, Verisign wants $1,000 for a 128-bit SSL certificate. GoDaddy offers a High-Assurance SSL Certificate for less than $100. Is there any reason not to get the certificate from GoDaddy (and I'm seriously asking if anyone knows some reason why they're so cheap or why Verisign is so expensive). Is there something Verisign has/does that GoDaddy doesn't? Is there any reason why Verisign is better?


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