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When are you leaving?

My mom sent me some blue dutch iris rhizomes, and I needed to get them into the ground. We've got a heat advisory starting at noon and going through TUESDAY at 8 p.m. It was about 10 a.m., already 78 degrees in the shade, so I thought I'd get it done now because the heat's just going to get worse from there.

So I put the cats out in the backyard, along with me and the bulbs and a shovel. Dasher was in his harness and on his leash.

Sun. Sweat.

Okay, I've planted them, now I just need to water them, then we can go back in. Dasher was lying in the shade by this point. I'm dragging the hose toward the flowerbed, which is generally in the direction of Dasher. The hose is not running. I'm going to take Dasher inside before I start up the hose, along with Buddha.

Dasher sees me dragging the hose, jumps up, and takes off for the side of the house. He starts off so violently that the leash handle jumps off the shepherd's hook it was attached to and is now dragging behind Dasher as he sprints.

As Dasher runs past the patio, Buddha looks like, "What's going on?!" but stays on the patio. I drop the hose and walk quickly after Dasher. If I run, he'll think I'm chasing him and just run more.

I hear the clatter of the leash handle on pavement, so he's either in the front yard or the neighbor's yard. I get to the front of the house and start calling for him. I hear a pitiful, scared mroooow and follow it to the front door of the house.

He's sitting there praying for the door to open. I approach gently and pick him up, trying to make soothing sounds. As soon as I've got him in my arms, he starts to calm down. I carry him back to the back door (because it's the only one unlocked), and put him inside, along with Buddha who has been waiting at the back door all this time.

I took the harness off Dasher and gave them both some Feline Greenies. They've calmed down now.

I guess someone must have squirted Dasher with a hose before, or he thought it was a giant snake.

Note to self: don't do anything with the hose while Dasher's around.
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We brought another FIV+ cat home to see if Buddha would like a buddy and we could give another cat a home. So far, Buddha shows no signs of accepting the cat (Dasher). Every time he hears Dasher meowing or smells his scent in the guest room, he tries to attack. We haven't let them contact each other yet. We've just had Dasher in the guest room and Buddha out in the rest of the house. We put Budddha in the master bedroom and let Dasher out of the guest room into the upstairs hallway. I was holding Buddha, and I cracked the master bedroom door so Buddha could see Dasher in the hallway. Nothing by hissing and growling from Buddha. For his part, Dasher doesn't even seem to notice Buddha.

Also, when Dasher was in the guest room and Buddha was right outside in the hallway, I cracked the door just enough so that Buddha could stick his nose in the opening. He tried to barrel his way through the door, hissing, spitting, and growling.

I don't know of Buddha is going to accept another cat in the household. And Buddha has dibs. We may need to call back Margarete from the rescue organization and find another home for Dasher. It's just kind of difficult because he's FIV+. FWIW, he hasn't shown any signs of aggression toward Buddha, so it could be that he wouldn't have a problem in another household with other cats.

He's only been here about 24 hours, so I'm not giving up yet, but I'm dubious if this is going to work.
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I forgot my cell phone today! D'oh!

Buddha is still recovering okay, but seemed a little listless this morning. Could just be his normal post-breakfast sleepiness though.
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VSC said Buddha did fine overnight, although he hasn't been interested in food, but he never is when he's in the vet's office. I'll pick him up in just a couple of hours. Let the recovery begin!
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We dropped him off this morning, and should be able to pick him up tomorrow afternoon. It'll be a couple of weeks of enforced relaxation for him, but in the long run, he should be much happier without life-threatening blockages every few months.
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Buddha is rather grouchy at the moment. We've got another vet appointment at 10:40. I'm afraid he's blocked again. I suppose he might have a UTI instead. In any case, we're going to have to get him the surgery ASAP.
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The vet called yesterday and said Buddha still has lots of crystals. She's working with a nutritionist vet to see what kind of diet they can work out since he's allergic to the standard urinary tract diet contents (namely chicken).

In the meantime, he's doing fine and getting his daily brushing.
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The Hope Center (the animal hospital where Buddha is so he's observed overnight) has visiting hours from 10-2 on Saturday, so we went over and took him some food (so they won't give him stuff he's allergic to). After waiting a few minutes in one of the examining rooms, one of the techs brought Buddha in to see us. Boy, was he happy! He went straight for [ profile] the_gneech's arms, pressing his face into the crook of John's elbow. Then he came straight for me, pressing his head into my hand. He kept going around in circles, back and forth between us until we were both scritching him. We stayed for about 90 minutes, petting and scritching the whole time. By the time the tech took him back, he had calmed down considerably. It's nice to know we can comfort him that much.

He's got a little vial of fluids taped to one of his front paws, and a catheter with a bag attached. He tried to get at the catheter a couple of times while we were there, but we dissuaded him. It seemed like the catheter was doing its job. They will likely remove it tonight and keep him tomorrow to make sure he doesn't block again. We'll likely be picking him up on Monday.

Since this is the second time he's blocked in about a year, the vets are saying the surgery is something to consider. The estimate from the Hope Center is about what this little excursion cost in the first place, but it would make future blockages a lot less likely. Our main concern is if we don't get the surgery done, what happens if he gets blocked when we're not here, like visiting family or at a convention for a few days? We don't want that to happen. The only risk, as far as I know, is the risk always associated with general anesthesia with a short-nosed cat. He's been under before, but only once since he's been with us. He came through that okay, so hopefully there won't be any problems this time, assuming we get the surgery done.

Unfortunately, the Hope Center doesn't have visiting hours on Sunday because there are usually too many emergencies, so unless they decide to release him tomorrow, we won't see him again until Monday.

Buddha news

Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:33 pm
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Buddha is back in the animal hospital again. Another urine crystal blockage. We may need to get him surgery to make this less likely to happen again. For now, he's got a catheter and is staying for observation. We'll visit him tomorrow and likely be able to pick him up on Sunday or Monday.

Get better kitty!
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We took Buddha to the ophthalmologist at The Hope Center today. Here was the diagnosis:

Buddha has been diagnosed with Prolapsed Gland of the Third Eyelid: "Cherry Eye" in the right eye and severe inflammation in the tissues of both third eyelids. This is most likely related to the allergies and his own immune system attacking the tissues of the eyes. We have attempted to replace the gland of the third eyelid manually in the right eye and will treat with topical steroids. The gland will likely return but we would like to treat medically before having to do surgery. If surgery is necessary, we would recommend biopsy of the gland rather than complete replacement as there is significant scarring and it is unlikely that this gland is still functioning. We have taken a small piece of the inflamed tissue from the left eyelid and will call you with the results of the biopsy. We are concerned that further investigation of the skin disease will be needed but we will start with this approach.

The doctor (Brady Beale) reinserted the tear gland back inside the eye socket, but there's only a 5% chance that this will permanently fix the problem. It's likely to pop back out because there's cartilage in the space where it used to be that gets folded up permanently. But for now, at least, Buddha's cherry is not there. You can still see the third eyelid, but he can comfortably close both eyes. If the cherry does pop back out, we'll address the next step. In the meantime, we have some eyedrops that are antibiotic/anti-inflammatory to put into his eyes twice a day to see if that will help get the swelling under control. She also took a tissue sample to send out for biopsy that we'll hear about in the next couple of days. It may turn out that he has a virus that requires more aggressive treatment.

She also may recommend that we consult with a dermatologist about the skin problems he's got on his face. Overall, I was confident that she knew what she was talking about.

Anyway, for comparison: (with cherry) (without)

And looking just plain happy!
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I've uploaded pictures of the results of Buddha's second lion cut in my Picasa album:

His undercoat is in much better shape this time than last.

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Starting off a new gallery of Buddha pictures here:

We've discontinued the allergy shots we had been giving him. They didn't seem to be helping at all. The only thing that helped was changing food. Since his allergies are controllable now, we'll probably just stick with his current diet.
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I'm going to have to start separating these, I think. I don't think the album will load quickly if I keep pouring photos into this one.

Edit: I changed the name of the album so I can start another one the next time I upload pictures.
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I've created a new gallery of Buddha pictures with Google's Picasa service. It contains many of the Buddha pictures, including some I just took this morning, in reverse chronological order.
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He's looking pretty good! The only evidence you can see that he had any trouble is the partially-shaved left front leg where they had the IV going in. New pics start here!
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This time, he's playing in his cat condo. New pictures start here:


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