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I had my 6-week follow-up with the endocrinologist today. )

Anyway, after 6 weeks on Byetta, I've lost 14 pounds, and my A1C is back down to 6.3, which is where it was when I was first diagnosed.

So, yay for modern science! If I had been diagnosed with diabetes back in the 80s, I would likely be facing a much shorter lifespan and more complications. Here's hoping I and all the other diabetics out there can someday live a normal life.

On an unrelated note, we actually have two small, mishapen plums on our plum tree!

Yard work

Mar. 25th, 2007 05:43 pm
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Still got lots to unpack and arrange and weed out, but it was so nice today that I went outside and started to cut back the dead chrysanthemums so they'd start growing again. I also ended up pulling up a bunch of ivy that was encroaching on a couple of trees and making inroads toward the house. Then I cleared the weeds out of this little circle of bulb flowers that just out in the middle of the yard with no border around it. There's a pile of bricks in the side yard that we're going to have to do something about, because it makes far too ideal an environment for rats and snakes. In Herndon, we're supposed to use this 50 gallon paper bags for yard refuse, so I got out one of those to hold the dead chrysanthemum branches, thinking I'd just fill up maybe 25% of it and use it later for more yard waste. The thing is 75% full now.

Now the question is, do I dispose of this stuff with the rest of the trash, or do I try to start composting?


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