laurierobey: (Default) cousin, the daughter of my aunt who passed away from pancreatic cancer in February, had an accident at work a couple of weeks ago. She works for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Cut because it's gruesome. ). So now she's going to have to get some kind of prosthetic for her right hand. She's been handling all this remarkably well, though.

She's always loved animals, and she's helped out a lot of people who needed help caring for their animals when they couldn't get to or afford a vet. So now it seems, people around the area are trying to help her out in return. I just received this from my Mom:

Joy visited the plastic surgeon Tuesday. He unwrapped her wounds and said they were healing properly. She was disappointed that he chose to wrap her head up with the gauze again. It gets mighty hot and it makes her head itch, but she said he will probably remove it next Tuesday. She asked him why he used so much gauze and tape and he just smiled and said "I love tape." He seems to have a sense of humor. She said she is learning how to be patient and accept some things that are not to her liking. She also said she is glad she has a head to wrap up.
Her Suffolk friends have started a Joy White Benefit Fund at the Suffolk First Bank. If anyone would like to contribute, the address is P.O. Box 1340, Suffolk, VA 23439. Also, her many friends are sponsoring a 100 mile motorcycle ride in and around Suffolk on July 14th. The ride will consist with a ride by of her house with horns and engines blaring and then to a catering restaurant on Holland Rd. to enjoy a delicious meal provided free of charge by Roy's and Ricky's Catering Service.

Sounds like a fun day for the bikers. I understand there will be many many bikers joining in. It will be a day of Rolling Thunder. Joy is really speechless, but I told her what goes around, comes around. She has helped so many people around the area that needed her to help with their animals when they could not get or afford a vet.

All for now,
Blessings to everyone,

I just thought it's great to hear about her friends and neighbors pulling together to help her out, so I thought other people might like to hear about it too.


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